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Looking for a job in fostering

Fostering as a full time jobĀ how to become a foster parent


Finding temporary homes for children who have been neglected, abused or abandoned is only part of the job. As a highly specialised type of social worker, the foster care worker’s primary concern is providing children and the families that care for them with all the resources they need for success. One can get a permanent job as a foster care if he/she as the required skills. Jobs in fostering involves dealing with children of all ages as well as adults. Practical experience to help you prepare for this job might include:

1-Volunteering with the kids’ programs at a community centre or church.

2-Working with a child’s advocacy organisation.

3-working a social work aide.

4-Other types of social work in a government or school setting.


If you need to be a Foster worker you need to have the following qualifications:


1- You need to have enough room to accommodate another person in your household.

2- You must be physically and emotionally capable of caring for children.

3- Your police background check should be free from crime, such as drug involvement, child abuse or violence.

4- You have an income adequate and stable enough to meet your current family’s needs.

5- You must be willing to have a safety inspection completed on your home, and are you willing to complete the home study process.

6- You need to willing to attend a mandatory 36-hour pre-service training that prepares you for foster parenting.

7- You will attend mandatory ongoing training to maintain your foster parent license.


As a full-time job, one will have the following benefits:


1-Private Fostering

The birth parent will pay the carer directly, but the carer still gets any welfare benefits and tax credits as well as housing help. Children who are in need and placed privately may get added financial support, and the agency involved can relay those allowances to them.


The carers will into pay tax on their income from fostering up to a certain amount. Upon approval and registration, all they have to do is keep a record of which children they care for, their ages, and length of stay.

3-Insurance Coverage.

Looking after children at home means foster carers are entitled to what is called Home Responsibility Protection. It relates to retirement pension, and because it is considered self-employment the contributions required will be less than normal for Class 2 National Insurance.

Aside from the jobs in fostering allowances listed above, the real reward comes when the child that’s placed starts to turn their life around. It is undoubtedly the support of the carer that helps them do so. Well-placed foster children enrol in college and secure futures they may not have otherwise. As a full or part-time “job” Fostering is rewarding in many ways that won’t be discovered until one is fully submersed in the experience.